English Conversation Course

I specialize in personalized spoken English “Conversation” classes, in which I will engage you in discussion of topics of your choice, ranging from politics and economics, science, music, history, culture, sports and anything else that might interest you.

Our conversation classes include reading  articles, with particular attention to pronunciation, new vocabulary, grammar structures and common expressions of the English language.

I am a reliable professional willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with the quality of conversations you are having!

Exam English Course

I offer One-to-One English Exam Preparation Classes which will prepare you for all kinds of milestones in achieving better English. A variety of customised examination preparations for local and international qualification tests such as the IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and Cambridge Exams can also be provided.

Pass your next English Exam with the help from a highly qualified teacher!

Business English Course

I offer an Online Business English Course, and I am also a professional marketer and market researcher. My course covers a variety of business topics which include:

Negotiations, Business Trips, Presentations, Job Interviews, and Meetings, Budgeting, the Stock Market, Personal Banking, Investments, and Savings, Pricing, Advertising, Branding, and Sales, Strategic Diagnosis, Recruitment, Career Development, Managing Performance, Internet and Change Management.

Let me help you learn Business English through our professional One-to-One classes!

For more information, a free trial or to book a lesson contact me here.


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