Online Coaching

What can you use this chat for?

  • Reliable English support for business emails, phone calls and presentations
  • Daily conversation and small talk
  • Asking questions about self-study lessons

Why should you choose online coaching?

A private online chat is your best option to have fun while learning English completely at your convenience. You can talk about whatever you want whenever you have a free moment to send a message. With my private online chat, you can practice introducing yourself, talking about your favorite movies or sharing your personal experiences about many different topics.. If you have no idea what to say, I have a website full of resources to get the conversation going.

Choose how you want to practice English

You can decide to intensify your learning by using any combination of text, audio, and video when the time is right.

Personalize your English learning

With our private online chat you can review all of our lessons and chat history whenever you need and use them as a personal resource just for you.


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