The surprising benefits of talking to yourself

Being caught talking to yourself, especially if using your own name in the conversation, is beyond embarrassing. And it’s no wonder — it makes you look like you are hallucinating.

Clearly, this is because the entire purpose of talking aloud is to communicate with others. But given that so many of us do talk to ourselves, could it be normal after all — or perhaps even healthy?

We actually talk to ourselves silently all the time. I don’t just mean the odd “where are my keys?” comment — we actually often engage in deep, transcendental conversations at 3am with nobody else but our own thoughts to answer back.

This inner talk is very healthy indeed, having a special role in keeping our minds fit. It helps us organize our thoughts, plan actions, consolidate memory and modulate emotions. In other words, it helps us control ourselves.

Question: Do you talk to yourself? Do the people you know, who talk to themselves, seem like geniuses or crazy people? 

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