Amazon launches a social network for spending money

Available for Amazon Prime members using the company’s iOS app, Spark is a Pinterest-like service that lets users upload images of themselves using products, or just products.

Other users can then view those images and follow links to purchase the displayed items through Amazon.You don’t have friends on the social network, though. And you can’t search for particular users.

Instead, you can follow people so that they show up in your feed more, but you won’t get any updates on their lives or anything along those lines.

So far, the majority of the images I’ve seen on Spark look like they were taken by professional photographers, while just a handful seemed like they were shot by regular consumers using their smartphones.

Spark is obviously designed to let you view products in their natural habitats (your home) rather than against a plain white backdrop. The shots are meant to make products look more inviting, so you’ll feel more inclined to purchase them.

Like Pinterest, Spark also provides you with ideas for things like decorating your home or wedding favors. The service’s social aspect is similar to Facebook’s Instagram in that you upload, comment on and share images.

When you do upload a photo of a product to Spark, you have the option to add a link to its Amazon Prime page, giving other users a quick means to purchase it.

Question: Do you like the fact that technology is always evolving and making it easier to purchase products or do you prefer the traditional way of shopping in a store?

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