This startup is cashing in on our forgetfulness

Back home in Middleton, Wisconsin, he used the corresponding app to reveal the glasses’ last known location: the Denver International Airport. (When another Tile user has the app running and passes by your missing item, you’re automatically notified of its location).

But the next day, Beddingfield was alerted that his glasses were spotted in other cities like San Diego and Seattle. His sunglasses made their way to eight different cities before the flight crew was contacted at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and found them wedged under his original seat on the plane.

Beddingfield is not alone in misplacing personal items. Americans spend 2.5 days each year searching for lost items, and households collectively spend $2.7 billion each year replacing them, according to a recent survey conducted on behalf of Pixie Technology, a location tracking device company.

Not surprisingly, the most commonly misplaced items include TV remotes, phones, car keys and shoes. If users are within Bluetooth range of their missing item, they can hit “Find” and the Tile will ring. Otherwise, they can mark the item as lost and see its latest location on a map.

The startup on Tuesday launched two new Bluetooth trackers, the Tile Sport and Tile Style. Both trackers, which cost $35 each, feature louder audio and a 200-foot Bluetooth range, double the capability of previous models.

Question: Would you buy a bluetooth tracker to protect some of your things? If so, what would you use the tracker for specifically? If not, why not?



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