Filthy food habits

Researchers said bacteria latches onto food in a fraction of a second after hitting the ground. And depending on the surface, carpet versus tile or wood, can increase the amount of bacteria.

Blowing out candles on a cake transfers 14,000 times more bacteria onto the icing. Double-dipping and sharing popcorn are also top offenders.

Restaurant menus also are breeding grounds for bacteria. Researchers said germs can live up to two days on plastic surfaces.

And before you order a lemon with your water, consider this: researchers said wet lemons pick up 100 percent of hand bacteria.

A popular game among college students and sports fans is now linked to higher levels of bacteria. Researchers found samples of salmonella, listeria, E. coli and staph on items linked to beer pong.

Bacteria was detected on the ping pong balls themselves, along with the table and inside the cup.

Yum, who’s hungry for a slice of cake loaded with bacteria? A chip dipped in both salsa and bacteria? Mmm, what about a piece of toast that just fell on the bacteria-covered floor?

Getting some bacteria with your food is the risk you take if you eat birthday cake after the candles have been blown out, dip a chip in salsa after someone else double-dips or eat toast that has fallen on the floor — yes, even just for five seconds.


Question: How many of these are you guilty of? What bad food habits bother you the most?



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