Preposition of time: at

Use “at” for times of day, including mealtimes, bedtime, etc. Also, use “at” in the following common expressions: at the same time: at present/at the moment: at night

1.Growing up we were never allowed to watch TV at dinner time.

2. They usually eat lunch at noon.

3.There are no free rooms at the moment so we have to walk around the city until 3pm.

4. We got to work at the same time yesterday, but he left one hour before me.

5. It is not safe to walk through the park at night because there are many strange people there.

6. Champions League games almost always start at 8:45p.m.

7. Even though it is warm most of the day, bring a jacket because it will get much cooler at night.

8. Where were you at 3p.m. Tuesday?

9. Many public parks open at dawn and close at dusk.

10. My father wakes up every night exactly at midnight.




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