Convenient airports: Europe’s best and worst in 2017

It’s the added extra flight comparison sites never warn you about: How long is the airport transfer and how much will it cost me?

It’s not unusual for European budget airlines to offer flights that are cheaper than the price of the train fare into the city. Or for the airport to be in a completely different town than the city it claims to serve. And if Ryanair’s week is anything to go by, that’s if the flight even takes off at all.

So time- and price-conscious travelers will welcome a new study by booking platform GoEuro analyzing more than 70 European airports to rank the fastest and cheapest transfers to city centers.

The data reveals transfer fares ranging from 86 cents to $34 while journey fares vary from five to 85 minutes.

Question: Have you ever had a bad experience traveling between airports and cities? Of the places that you have visited, which had the worst transfer from the airport to the city?

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