Gerund or Infinitive? Rule #1

An infinitive is the verb form that has “to” at the beginning. For example, “to do,” “to sleep,” “to love” and “to create.” It is the simplest verb form that you have to modify to fit into sentences.

Gerunds are formed by adding “-ing” to the verb: “sleeping,” “drawing,” “swimming.” But they are not the “-ing” verb forms that you see in the present or past continuous tense. They look the same, but gerunds are actually verb forms used as nouns.

  • Rule 1: Gerunds can be used as a subject of a sentence.

1. Exercising is good for your health.

2.  Playing tennis is more difficult than I thought.

3.  Waiting in line during the holidays can be exhausting..

4. Checking your bank account every day while on vacation could help you avoid fraud charges or other problems with your bank.

5. Risking  your job just to give your friend a discount is just stupid.

6 Watching tv everyday in the language you would like to learn will help you improve.

7.Working and studying at the same time is not easy..

8. Renting a vacation home is better than buying one in my opinion.

9. Shopping online is easier than shopping in a store.

10. Skiing is very popular in Denver.

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