Daily English Lesson #8



In less than 3 months, a major international city will likely run out of water

In Cape Town, South Africa, they’re calling it “Day Zero” — the day when the taps run dry. A few days ago, city officials had said that day will come on April 22. This week, they moved up the date to April 12. Cape Town is South Africa’s second-largest city and a top international tourist draw. Now, residents play a new and delicate game of water math each day. They’re recycling bath water to help flush toilets. They’re being told to limit showers to 90 seconds. And hand sanitizer, once somewhat of an afterthought, is now a big seller.

Question: Do you pay attention to how much water you consume?

Reading Vocabulary

to move up – to make it earlier

draw – attraction 

flush – a sudden flow (as of water); also : a rinsing or cleansing with or as if with a flush of water


 Remember to click “cc” to see the subtitles.

Video Vocabulary

grapple with – When you wrestle with something — literally or figuratively — you grapple with it, or try to overcome it.

thriving – prosperous and growing; flourishing.


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