Man Unable to Pay Airline Baggage Fee Arrested After Trying to Wear All His Clothes Onboard

A typical flight home turned into an ordeal when Ryan Hawaii made a peculiar attempt to circumvent baggage costs.

After hanging out in Iceland for nine days, Hawaii went to the airport and realized his sister-in-law had purchased him a ticket without baggage.

Instead of paying the £90 fee, he attempted to wear all of the clothes, including 10 jackets and eight pairs of pants, on the plane home to London.

According to a series of tweets from Hawaii, he couldn’t afford the baggage fee because he was “broke from being homeless in Iceland.”

After asking staff if he could wear his clothes instead, they allegedly said yes, but upon waiting to board the plane security was called.

He told LADbible he was “manhandled” and arrested, claiming an officer “twisted his wrists and dug their knee into his back and head.” He was removed from the airport.

Question: Have you ever had problems with your baggage at the airport? If so, what happened?


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