Daily English Lesson #12



Ex-Googlers create a self-driving car to deliver your groceries

Two former Google engineers have built a car that’s personalized for delivering your groceries, pizza or dry-cleaning. Nuro, a Mountain View, California, based startup, unveiled an autonomous vehicle Tuesday designed for making local commerce deliveries. The company plans to have several of the vehicles making deliveries on public roads by the end of the year. It’s also developing another version of the vehicle that’s suitable for mass production. The current prototype vehicle is about the height of an SUV but far narrower than a typical car. The electric car features two exterior compartments — two on each side — to hold separate deliveries. Each compartment can be tailored to a specific use, such as cooking a pizza or refrigerating a package. The company has not yet announced partners who intend to use the service.

Question: What do you think about this new idea?

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Reading Vocabulary

suitable – right or appropriate for a particular person, purpose, or situation

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Video Vocabulary

prototype – a first or preliminary version of a device or vehicle from which other forms are developed


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