Daily English Lesson #15



Eagles win first Super Bowl

The Philadelphia Eagles came back to defeat the New England Patriots, 41-33, in Minneapolis on Sunday to win their first Super Bowl in 57 seasons. The Patriots boasted the top-ranked defense in the NFL, but they couldn’t stop the Eagles’ journeyman quarterback, Nick Foles, who was named the game’s Most Valuable Player. Before the New England Patriots got the ball for the first time, “Gonna Fly Now,” the theme from the movie “Rocky,” blared over the speakers. And when the game ended Sunday, the Eagles, their fans and the city of Philadelphia were soaring.

Reading Vocabulary

blare – make or cause to make a loud, harsh sound

Question: What is one of your favorite accomplishments in life so far?


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Video Vocabulary

deafen – (of a noise) so loud as to make it impossible to hear anything else

Picture Vocabulary 


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