Daily English Lesson #18



Kylie Jenner reveals her baby’s name

First-time mom Kylie Jenner has named her daughter Stormi. The cosmetics mogul and reality star revealed her baby’s name on social media, the same place where days ago she said she’d given birth on Feb. 1. Jenner, 20, is in a relationship with rapper Travis Scott. She kept her pregnancy under wraps throughout, refraining from acknowledging it publicly or posting about it on social media, a unique move for a member of one of the Internet’s most social-friendly families. Sources close to the family in September confirmed to CNN that she was expecting.

Reading Vocabulary

under wraps – concealed or secret

Question: What is the weirdest name that you have ever heard?


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Video Vocabulary

I think I’m feelin’ it – I think I like it

Picture Vocabulary 


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