Daily English Lesson #20



157 new emoji coming to iOS, Android

New year, new emoji. The Unicode Consortium — a nonprofit that sets the global standard for emoji — announced on Wednesday 157 new emoji options would be coming later this year. The latest collection includes a cupcake, lobster, pirate flag and more expressive smiley faces. Emoji will soon have a variety of new hairstyles, such as curly or bald, and more hair color options such as red and white. There will also be more animals, such as a kangaroo, llama, swan and mosquito. More fun smiley faces include a “cold face” with dangling icicles, a partying face and a “woozy” emoji.

Reading Vocabulary

bald – having a scalp wholly or partly lacking hair

Question: Do you use emojis? Do you think that we are going to far with emojis?


 Remember to click “cc” to see the subtitles.

Video Vocabulary

I can hardly wait – I am excited

Picture Vocabulary 


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