Daily English Lesson #23



The FBI, CIA and NSA say American citizens shouldn’t use Huawei phones

U.S. intelligence agencies have issued a stern warning to Americans: Do not buy smartphones made by Chinese tech companies Huawei or ZTE. There is a risk of letting any company “beholden to foreign governments” inside the country’s telecommunications infrastructure, he said. Huawei is a global leader in networking equipment, and the government has previously blocked it from selling technology to some federal agencies. Huawei has not made strides in the U.S. market in large part because of government concerns that the Chinese government can use its smartphones and other products for intelligence gathering.

Reading Vocabulary

stern –  strict and severe


Question: Do you take any measures to protect your data on your phone or computer?


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Video Vocabulary

shaky – not safe or reliable; liable to fail or falter

Picture Vocabulary 


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