Daily English Lesson #31



The banana phone is back! There’s a new Nokia 8110

A startup that licenses the Nokia phone brand has unveiled a new version of the 8110, a curved mobile phone that was first released in 1996 and featured in “The Matrix.” The phone, which is offered in banana yellow and black, will sell for €79 ($97). It comes loaded with a new version of the game Snake. This is a return to the glory years of Nokia.  But it also includes all the new technology. The 8110 comes with 4G, and a handful of apps including Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter. But it doesn’t have a flashy operating system and users won’t be able to download other popular apps. Fogg said that basic — or “feature” — phones are appealing because they are reliable, and can run for a long time on a single charge. The 8110 goes 25 days in standby mode, for example. Nokia used to be the world’s largest maker of mobile phones, but it struggled to adapt to the era of smartphones and compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Reading Vocabulary

handful – a quantity that fills the hand


Question: After using a smart phone, could you go back to the old  phones? Do you think this product has a chance for success? Would you buy it?


 Remember to click “cc” to see the subtitles.

slider – a knob or lever which is moved horizontally or vertically to control a variable, such as the volume of a radio

Picture Vocabulary 


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