Daily English Lesson #38

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The $35,000 watch co-designed by one of the inventors of the iPod

There’s a common problem with mechanical watches: when the power winds down, they lose the time. When that happens, the time must be set again by hand. For some owners of mechanical watches, that may qualify as a delightful ritual. But for most, it’s just a nuisance. How luxury watch brands are seducing millennials. Ressence, a young contender in the arena of Swiss watchmaking, has an answer to that problem: a new mechanical watch co-designed by one of the inventors of the original iPod, Tony Fadell. Fadell, who left Apple in 2008 to found Nest Labs and then worked on Google Glass, says he was attracted to the project because it represents the total opposite of current smart watches trends, which call for bigger batteries, connectivity, touch screens and multiple menu layers. The user only needs to set the time once, when the watch is new, and up to two time zones can be registered. This can be done in a phone app that connects via Bluetooth.

Reading Vocabulary

delightful – causing delight; charming


Question: What do you think about this watch?


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wind – make (a clock or other device, typically one operated by clockwork) operate by turning a key or handle

Picture Vocabulary 


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