Daily English Lesson #44

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Would you sleep in a glass pod hanging off a Peruvian cliff?

Would you sleep in a transparent capsule hanging off the side of a Peruvian mountain?
That’s the idea behind the spectacular Skylodge Adventures Suites, glass lodges precariously situated on the side of a cliff in Peru’s Sacred Valley. If you’re brave enough, these crystalline pods are accessible only after climbing 400 meters (about 1,300 feet) of the rock face or hiking a daring trail featuring a zip-line network. Once you settle down for the night, you’re treated to impressive panoramic views of the wild valley below and, at night, the Milky Way. The suites are the brainchild of adventure company Natura Vive — who want their guests to embrace their inner adventurer: once you’re ready to leave your suite, you can zip-wire down to the ground below. The beds have down pillows and quilts, ensuring you’ll sleep well, if you aren’t distracted by stargazing. Don’t worry though — the pods are crafted from aerospace aluminum and weather resistant polycarbonate — so Natura Vive promises they are secure and guests are safe.

Reading Vocabulary

capsule – a small case or container, especially a round or cylindrical one


Question: What do you think about this idea? Would you like to stay here?


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Picture Vocabulary 

ZIPLINE – a cable or rope stretched between two points of different heights, down which a person slides for amusement by means of a suspended harness, pulley or handle.

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