Daily English Lesson #48

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Futuristic luxury pods provide the perfect view of the desert sky

In the heart of Jordan’s scenic Wadi Rum desert — also known as the “Valley of the Moon” — lies a surprising luxury campsite. Since 2016, visitors have sojourned in bubble-like domes that provide 360-degree views of the night sky. Each is comfortably furnished with a four-poster bed so that guests can sleep under the stars, protected from the desert’s heat, sand, wind and wildlife. “When we have places that are this pure, this beautiful, in these preserved environments, there is something undeniably magical,” said Dumas, who was inspired by the Bedouin nomads who have pitched tents in the desert for centuries. “The idea is to have an ambiguity between the inside and the outside while offering a proximity to nature, but with all modern comforts.”

Reading Vocabulary

undeniably – used to emphasize that something cannot be denied or disputed



Question: What do you think about this accommodation? Would you like to sleep there?


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Picture Vocabulary 



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