Daily English Lesson #50

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Meet the 79-year-old man who lives alone on an Italian island

Each day for the past 29 years, Mauro Morandi has woken up to a golden sunrise illuminating the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a view that doesn’t grow old — and one Morandi doesn’t share with a single soul. The engimatic 79-year-old lives alone on the beautiful Isle of Budelli in Italy’s Maddalena archipelago. He’s called this slice of paradise his own since 1989, when he departed mainland Italy in an attempt to quit modern society and start anew. After years of living in solitude, in recent years Morandi has opened up his corner of the world, taking striking photographs of Budelli’s landscapes and wildlife and showcasing them on his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Now, Morandi is as much of a draw for summer visitors as Budelli’s famous rose-colored sandy beach, La Spiaggia Rosa, but his quiet life remains almost unchanged since he first docked on Budelli’s shores.

Reading Vocabulary

draw – a person or thing that is very attractive or interesting


Question: What do think about this man’s choice? What are the pros and cons of living with others? 


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Picture Vocabulary 

SUNRISE – the time in the morning when the sun appears or full daylight arrives

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