Daily English Lesson #52

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Shangri-La Hotel Singapore offers $700-a-night fantasy suites for kids

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore is going all out to satisfy its youngest guests. The luxury hotel has introduced five themed suites that are straight out of a kid’s fantasy. For around $700 a night, families can stay in the Castle suite, which comes with a fortress-style bed, the Tree Top suite which resembles an adventure playground or the Space suite, where youngsters can bed down in a make-believe spaceship. There’s also the Underwater suite featuring an ocean-inspired wall, while the Safari suite has a luxury camping-style bed that’s likely to have youngsters pleading to go to bed early. Located on the ninth floor of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s Tower Wing, all five suites measure 72 square meters and boast a connecting tunnel between the children’s and parents’ bedrooms. Aimed at families made up of two adults and two children aged 12 and under, they also have more practical features such as a second, larger bathroom with a sink for washing babies and a nappy changing space. Other perks include “effortless in-room check-in,” a dedicated family concierge service and access to a pantry with a sterilizer and an induction heater while a child’s menu created in consultation with nutritionists is available via room service.

Reading Vocabulary

plead – make an emotional appeal


Question: What do you think about these suites for kids? Are they too expensive or would you try it once?





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Picture Vocabulary 

SWING – a seat suspended by ropes or chains, on which someone may sit and swing back and forth

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