Daily English Lesson #53

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Meet the business traveler who’s collected 15,000 hotel Do Not Disturb signs

Most of us forget all about hotel Do Not Disturb signs until the 10 a.m. housekeeping knock disturbs our jet-lagged slumber and we realize, too late, that it’s hanging on the wrong side of the door. Not Edoardo Flores. This retired Italian UN worker has amassed an incredible collection of 15,000 Do Not Disturb signs from hotels, inns and resorts across the globe. His collection might have begun accidentally, but since then he’s become passionate about the art, design and stories behind these sometimes striking signs.  Flores started his collection inadvertently in 1995 after he hung up an interesting-looking Do Not Disturb notice in his office after bringing it back from a business trip to Pakistan. Thanks to his UN job, Flores had plenty of opportunities as a he traveled the world for work. As his collection grew, his friends, family and colleagues started to look out for the signs on their travels. He also exchanges them with three other serious sign fanatics.

Reading Vocabulary

plenty – a large or sufficient amount or quantity; more than enough


Question: Do you collect anything?



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Picture Vocabulary 


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