Supercool cycle path floats above Lake Garda in Italy

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Supercool cycle path floats above Lake Garda in Italy

Can a trip around northern Italy’s wonderful Lake Garda get any more spectacular? Yup, just hang a floating cycle path from the craggy cliffs, allowing riders to coast above its crystal-clear Alpine waters. What could soon be Europe’s, if not the world’s, most beautiful bike path is being constructed 60 meters (197 feet) above the lake to complete a spellbinding 140-kilometer circular route. The first sections of the €102 million ($124 million) project are expected to open in the summer of 2018, with the full circuit of the lake completed in 2021. It’s likely to be a tremendous draw for cyclists who already travel to the region to enjoy riding in the foothills of the Dolomites and take part in events such as the classic Transalp mountain bike race. Known as “Garda By Bike,” the 2.6-meter-wide path will circle the whole lake connecting three intersecting regions — Lombardy, Veneto and Trento. The sleek steel and wooden route features elegant iron fences built as futuristic balconies with views of mountain peaks, boats sailing by and the picturesque villages that dot Lake Garda’s shores. Thick steel poles drilled into the cliffs cling like artificial claws to support the catwalk, seemingly defying gravity. The path’s designers say it will blend into Garda’s stunning scenery.

Reading Vocabulary

spellbinding – holding one’s attention completely as though by magic; fascinating


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Picture Vocabulary 

CLIFF – a steep rock face, especially at the edge of the sea
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