The growing trend of vertical farming

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The growing trend of vertical farming

The world’s population will climb from around seven billion people to nearly 10 billion by 2050. That will make it even more challenging to feed everyone on the planet. Companies like AeroFarms are rethinking how we grow fresh and affordable produce through vertical farming — growing vegetables like kale, arugula and watercress indoors on shelves stacked seven levels high. When all is said and done, AeroFarms hopes to produce 1.7 million pounds of greens a year. A 70,000-square foot facility, housed in a former Newark, N.J., steel plant, is AeroFarms  green machine. It grows 130 times more produce than the average American field farm of the same size per year. Rosenberg says vertical farming offers higher yields with less land, less time, and no pesticides. They can farm indoors in any city, anywhere around the world: “From seed to harvest in 16 days, what otherwise takes 30 days in the field,” he told Miller. “And then we’re able to do that 22 times a year versus, in the field, three times a year, because of seasonality.”

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