Emerging markets: street food booms as investors get the taste

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Emerging markets: street food booms as investors get the taste

When a street-food vendor is awarded the highly coveted Michelin star, you know it’s time book a flight to Thailand and wait in line for four hours to try that crab omelette cooked by the eccentric 72-year-old sporting ski goggles to protect her eyes. Or, at least, to start paying closer attention to what’s happening on the street-food scene closer to home. And there’s a lot going on. Street food is renowned for being at the forefront of food innovation and its popularity has exploded in recent years. Its transient nature means it can keep up with ever-changing consumer demand for new flavours, textures and winning combinations. This year, street food is set to get a lot more sophisticated. Regional cuisine is what the people are demanding now. “Indian” doesn’t quite cut it anymore – people want to know that their seafood dish is inspired by the ports of Kerala or that their vegetarian curry is from the streets of Gujarat. The same goes for South East Asian flavours, albeit at a slower pace, with Taiwanese expected to become more popular this year.

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coveted – yearn to possess (something, especially something belonging to another).


Question: When was the last time that you ate street food? What did you eat?




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