St Paul’s College students ate sheep hearts as part of degrading initiation rituals


Students at an exclusive Sydney college were forced to eat sheep hearts, skoll casks of goon and were auctioned off to other older students, a new report has revealed. The humiliating rituals at the Sydney of University’s all-male college St Paul’s have been exposed in a report released by former sex discrimination commissioner Elizabeth Broderick today. Ms. Broderick began investigating the culture of St Paul’s after disturbing media reports emerged of students taking girls to a “Bone Room” lined with mattresses, beating freshmen with thongs, ransacking rooms and of new students being ordered to push a mattress in the College quadrangle as senior students tackled them. While students say many of these practices have been dropped, the report found women were still being sexually harassed, younger students continued to be targeted and pub crawls were getting so messy that floors were being covered in tarpaulins and buckets. One student told researchers: “There is a tarp on the floor and buckets (because) there is vomiting non-stop”. A number of staff who wished to remain anonymous told researchers that excessive amounts of vomit are required to be cleaned up each Thursday morning, particularly in the freshers’ bathrooms and rooms.

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