These Hotels Are Making Guests VIPs If They Agree to Put Away Their Phones


Wyndham Grand wants you to stop using your phone on vacation — and they’re going to start holding you accountable. At select locations throughout the country, the hotel brand will implement “phone-free zones” at pools and restaurants. But before your fingers start shaking from phone withdrawal, consider the stats. According to the hotel, at the Mills House Wyndham Grand in Charleston, 87 percent of poolside guests were on their phones and not in the water over the weekend. “Today, adults and kids are so glued to their devices that we’ve had to add more pool chairs to accommodate all the poolside swiping,” Lisa Checchio, chief marketing officer for Wyndham, said in a statement. Reps for the hotel pointed out that, on average, we check our phones once every 12 minutes while we’re on vacation, according to a recent survey of 2,000 U.S. adults. And, according to the same survey, more than half of all travelers use their phone the exact same amount when they’re on vacation as when they’re in their working lives. The phone ban is not mandatory (don’t worry) but there are several incentives for opting in. In addition to being more present and mindful while on vacation, those who opt in could have the opportunity to win prizes.

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