Man launches into racist rant on Ryanair plane — but keeps his seat


A spokesperson for Theresa May said the British Prime Minister condemns “abhorrent” racial abuse after a passenger on a European airline made racist remarks about another passenger that were caught on video. The man had threatened to “push” an elderly black woman onto another seat. A crew member of the Ryanair flight from Barcelona, Spain, to London intervened, but the flight took off on Friday with at least one passenger wanting the unidentified man who made the remarks to be booted off the flight. In the footage, a man in a window seat was heard saying he refused to sit next to an elderly woman seated in an aisle seat. The man hurled insults at the woman and called her an “ugly black bastard” before the flight took off, according to a cell phone video recorded by London-based musician David Lawrence. According to the Press Association, May’s spokesperson wouldn’t comment specifically on the case, but said “when people are traveling and going about their public life, no one should be subjected to intimidation or any form of abuse.

Question: How should Ryanair have responded?

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