‘A huge mess’: Failure at COP24 climate talks would be ‘suicidal’

earth-216834_1920The heads of state for some of the main countries causing climate change — the United States, the UK, Germany, China, Canada and India among them — are not present here in Poland to try to keep the wheels from falling off an agreement meant to save humanity and the planet. So the weight of the world at the COP24 climate talks here in Poland appears to be falling on tiny nations like Vanuatu, which saw more than half of its GDP vanish after a recent cyclone. Delegations from rich countries with some moral high-ground — Germany, New Zealand and Canada, among them — are not doing enough to rally support, observers said. The United States used to fill that role as a sheep herder, but is noticeably absent here. US President Donald Trump’s administration promotes increased coal extraction and questions the basics of climate change, despite longstanding scientific consensus that burning coal, oil and natural gas for electricity and other purposes dangerously warms the atmosphere. The US delegation drew protests here this week at an event promoting fossil fuels and technology.

Question: Why don’t people care more about this issue? Have you made any changes to your lifestyle to fight climate change?

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