Can airplane seat cameras spy on passengers?

airplane-seats-2570438_1920In February, Vitaly Kamluk — a Twitter user who works in malware research — was on board a Singapore Airlines flight when his wife noticed an “interesting sensor” below the inflight entertainment screen and pointed it out to him. “She felt general discomfort of a digital eye looking at her. I believe that’s a common reaction of general passengers.” Kamluk tells CNN Travel. Kamluk suspected it was a camera and Tweeted images of the discovery, tagging Singapore Airlines in the hope of getting an answer. “I was quite surprised to actually see something like a camera and as a security expert I could imagine many scenarios of misuse of such sensors which is why I decided to ring the bell,” he says. Kamluk’s post quickly gained traction on social media and Singapore Airlines responded, explaining that its newer inflight entertainment systems include an embedded camera, although emphasizing that these cameras are deactivated.

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