Airplane interiors of the future revealed in 2019 Crystal Cabin Awards


Would you sleep in an airplane’s windowless cargo cabin? It may not sound appealing, but after picking up a prize at the the 2019 Crystal Cabin Awards at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany, it could soon be on its way. A panel of aircraft interior experts judged more than 100 entries from 22 countries with aim of recognizing new ideas that could be implemented very soon in airplanes worldwide. The designers explained the main crux of the concept is to provide a quiet, dark — and hithero-unused-by-passengers — space for travelers to sleep. It’d be up to the airline to decide how they’d sell such a concept to passengers — would you just pop down below when you want to sleep, or could you theoretically spend an entire intercontinental flight in the windowless cargo?

Question: Would you sleep in an airplane’s windowless cargo cabin?

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