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Resurrection Rolls Recipe

474428695_5742577928001_5742412522001-vsLooking for a fun and memorable way to tell your kids the story of Jesus’ burial and resurrection? We’ve got you covered. This Resurrection Roll recipe is deliciously simple, and it brings with it the ultimate meaning of Easter Sunday. And, it wouldn’t be a Southern holiday without a few bread selections on the kitchen table. Why not enjoy your green beans and honey-baked ham or your Easter breakfast alongside a dish that tells a story? Complete with sugar, cinnamon, marshmallows, and hot-from-the-oven crescent rolls, this recipe is an instant crowd pleaser. Why the name Resurrection Rolls, you ask? Well, before going into the oven, each crescent roll is stuffed with a large marshmallow. Throughout the baking process, it disappears! Sound familiar? The fluffy treat vanishing from the bread symbolizes the way Jesus vanished from the tomb. However, while Christ paid for the sins of humanity and ascended into heaven, the marshmallow simply leaves a sugary finish on the cinnamon-infused crescent roll. It’s enough to excite even the pickiest kids! Don’t miss out on this meaningful appetizer when Easter rolls around. It’s significant, tasty, and easy to make. He is risen!

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