Roy Disney’s granddaughter thinks Bob Iger’s paycheck is ‘insane’

disneyland-919926_1920Disney CEO Bob Iger made nearly $66 million last year, and a Disney family member thinks that’s “insane.” Abigail Disney, the granddaughter of company co-founder Roy Disney, criticized Iger’s multimillion dollar pay in several tweets on Sunday. Roy Disney was Walt Disney’s brother. “By any objective measure a pay ratio over a thousand is insane,” she said of Iger’s compensation. Iger’s $66 million package last year was 1,424 times that of the median salary of a Disney employee, which is $46,127 This year, his compensation package is worth as much as $35 million. “When he got his bonus last year, I did the math, and I figured out that he could have given personally, out of pocket, a 15% raise to everyone who worked at Disneyland, and still walked away with $10 million. She added that Iger’s level of pay has a “corrosive effect on society.” “If what they do is necessary to conducting your business successfully, then they deserve to be paid what they need to conduct their lives successfully. Because they are contributing something … to your success. Anyone who contributes to the success of a profitable company and who works full time to do so should not go hungry, should not ration insulin, and should not have to sleep in a car,” she stated.


Question: Do you agree with Abigail Disney?

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