A bleak view of the future

entrepreneur-2934861_1920ARE millennials really different from preceding generations? Bartleby (writer of this article) tends to be cynical about such claims, recalling how the youthful idealism of his own peers was tamed by parenthood and the need to pay the mortgage. But a new survey from Deloitte, the accountancy firm, suggests that millennials, defined as those born between January 1983 and December 1994, are feeling particularly gloomy. The survey interviewed 13,416 people across 42 countries (with between 200 and 500 people in each nation, ranging from Argentina to Turkey).

The survey found that climate change was their biggest worry, with 29% concerned about the issue, followed by income equality at 21% (respondents were asked to pick three issues from a list of 20). That said, separate research by MIT found that American millennials travel more miles in cars than baby boomers and are just as keen on car ownership; concern about climate change does not automatically translate into lifestyle changes.

Question: How would you describe the Millennial generation? How do they compare to other generations?

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