Arrive at the airport with time to spare or last minute?

airport-731196_1920When catching a flight, is it best to arrive at the airport early or just in time? That is the question.

Rules are rules

Some travelers feel strongly about following the rules to a T. One reader from New Orleans simply commented: Two hours domestic, two and a half hours international.

Airports are cool
Lots of people aren’t about arriving early just to avoid the stress of potentially missing a flight. Some just think airports are great places to explore.


Some readers took issue with what it means to cut it close. Holding passengers up, arriving at their seat perspiring and out of breath, time savers are no friend of the traveler who arrives early.


The luxury of extra time
For a good number of readers, time is most definitely not money when it comes to getting to the airport with lots of time to spare before boarding begins.


Do what you have to do
Not all early arrivers enjoy airports; some simply believe it’s the only surefire way to manage a trip and make the flight.


James in Shanghai had this to say: “I don’t like rushing,” and unsurprisingly, this is a common refrain among the early-arrivals group.

Question: Are you early or late?

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